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The art and 
science of vision


With over 100 years of experience in optical glass manufacturing, Nikon has upheld a heritage of uncompromised performance and unparalleled quality.

For Nikon, precision is omnipresent: from working with the most innovative technology to customising spectacle lenses to your unique requirements.

Nikon's expertise in material development ensures their ophthalmic lenses are among the thinnest and clearest, crucial for optimal light transmission.

Best materials

Nikon's precision and customization technologies in lens design ensure clearer, sharper, and distortion-free vision tailored to your specific needs, whether near, far, or both.

Best optical design

Nikon's coatings play a crucial role in controlling light, reducing reflections, repelling water and oil, preventing static electricity, and improving scratch resistance on eyeglass lenses, resulting in cleaner, clearer, sharper, and more durable vision.

Best coatings

Combining clear and thin materials with sharp designs and high performance coatings, Nikon ophthalmic lenses provide wearers with an outstanding vision quality.

Best lenses


Your vision is unique, and for us, this is not a detail.

Designed in Japan, Made Locally

Nikon Lenswear, mastering optical technologies for ultimate vision. Available in optical and sun lenses.

Since 1917, Nikon Corporation has developed a unique expertise in high precision optics. Every product created under our name has a lens, no matter what industry we are in.
Optics is our passion.
We aim for the highest level of quality and performance through all of our ophthalmic lenses, cameras and binoculars.
Discover a world of knowledge on our Nikon Imaging website.

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